Tapping the power of Scrum for your organization

  • Posted on: 25 July 2014
  • By: leor
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Thesis: agile methods can save you money. Are you getting your share? Systematic adoption of agile methods can substantially reduce your project costs; however it can be hard to get these results right away. Most new agile teams don’t see these results until the 3rd or subsequent project. That’s where we come in.

We can give you the benefits you expect on your first project, by running your first project and training your team. Think of us a training wheels for your team as you bring Agile into your group. Using a set of scalable, lightweight agile practices from SCRUM and other agile methods, we will run your first project and train your team on-the-job where results are immediately visible, not in a classroom. We use a clear and comprehensive measurement system to demonstrate rapid progress to both the team and management. You’ll see your costs dropping month by month!

At Integral Agile, we build, scale and tune scrum teams. We’ll take responsibility for your project and guide your team so that your project hits the dropzone. We’ll teach you how to deal with changing scope, distributed teams, show you the secrets of on-the-fly product design, and turn your current team into a smoothly humming production engine in 3 months or less.