We grow agilists.

Filling roles with the right people, while critical  to success, can be extremely stressful, time consuming, and difficult. Large staffing firms and talent agencies rarely have time to properly vet tens of thousands of applicants, and they are financially incentivized to place as many people as possible. Only so much about a person can be learned from a couple of interviews, and it can often be 6 months to a year before there’s a recognition of a bad fit. The costs of paying salaries and hourly rates, productivity lost, and starting the process all over again are a major drain on any organization.

At Integral Agile, staff augmentation is not our main business, but we recognize that in order to achieve the results we promise our clients, it’s sometimes necessary to bring in known quantities who have a track record of large scale success. To that end, we will look to support your transformation with exactly what you need to achieve your goals, and nothing more. Our senior staff will identify leaders and change agents in your organization, and help them to unlock their full potential.