"Work has always been dysfunctional, our tolerance for it just got lower" [source: CNBC]

Organizations lack the tools to address a growing lack of enthusiasm, dedication and focus.

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report, an astounding two-thirds of workers around the globe are disengaged at their workplace. Worse, 39% of these employees are unaware of their company’s goals & objectives, and a concerning 44% are in the dark about how their role contributes to the achievement of these goals.

Discover what might be causing your people to:

  • Be afraid to speak to speak up when they are confused
  • Feel like they are not valued
  • Resent working for your company
  • Not be aware of how to clear impediments
  • Not understand how their work connects to larger objectives
  • Produce poor quality work
  • Miss work more often than they should
  • Not trust their managers or teammates
  • Look for work elsewhere
  • Feel discriminated against

The health of your business depends on the health of your people

Agility in the workplace is often misunderstood. Many perceive it as just a tool to improve metrics like throughput, cost, and adaptation. But true agility goes beyond a process change; in fact breakthrough Agile results only happen when we use it to prioritize people, their well-being, and their performance.


Specifically it promotes:

  • Shared Purpose: Clear, aligned goals and objectives at multiple levels of scale shared by all individuals, teams and stakeholders
  • Autonomy – the ability to determine how best to achieve goals at the individual level
  • Mastery – a sense of every individual’s ability to make a difference using their unique skills and abilities
  • Clarity - clear connection between one’s efforts and the results that benefit the organization
  • Trust - the combination of all of these traits build trust which promotes transparency and greater engagement. 


Being Agile isn't only about being the fastest. It’s about creating a culture and a sustainable cadence that nurtures creativity, passion, and collective teamwork. It’s about ensuring that teams, and the individuals within them, are healthy, engaged, and thriving.

Tap into Discretionary Energy

Thriving individuals possess what Susan M. Heathfield termed "Discretionary Energy;" energy that drives employees to go above and beyond the expectations of their roles. It is the passion that leads one to offer more than what's just required. When teams tap into this energy, it’s not only the company that benefits, each individual will experience greater levels of satisfaction engaging with both their professional ambitions, and their personal passions.

Harness this untapped energy with our core Individual Health assessment.

This comprehensive evaluation reveals how to best support employees, so they can be the best version of themselves.

With this assessment, organizations can collaboratively create a health improvement backlog focused on the areas that deliver the most significant impact to both employee well-being and their connection to delivering on the organization’s purpose.