Agile Coach Accelerator

Level up transformation with the Integral Agile approach

Agile only reveals problems with processes and systems. This course reveals your people problems.

Culture | Behaviors | Beliefs

You can't solve culture problems with processes.

What's missing from your coaching toolkit?

Mapping the causes of Agile resistance
Applying a solution that fits the problem
Repeat for each organizational level

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Who are we to be teaching this course?

Integral Agile is a thought leader in the Agile space. See why leading organizations have relied on our approach to smarter coaching. This course, designed by Leor Herzfeld offers an inside look into how Leor has solved problems for top companies such as American Express and AXA.

What others have said:

"Leor gives concrete tools and insight into what its like to be a person who coaches to other people, and not just to an organization, and that makes all the difference."

"[The course] didn't waste time on how to struggle through problems, which I do too much of already, but how to overcome them. This class would help anyone be a better coach."

Complete the square.

Learn an approach that provides the whole Agile solution.


Level up your coaching game!
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