Organizational Transformation: A Case Study For Creating A Cross-Functional Team Of Teams (Art) Aligned To A Value Stream

I was assigned as the principal coach to implement the Agile transformation for the entire Marketing Organization and to build a new structure to support their efforts to more effectively market to their customers.

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Team celebrating success

A case study on an approach for shifting mindset and perspectives for sustainable change

I was assigned a team to help improve predictability, output, and quality. Once I began working with the team, I realized many of their blockers came from their struggle with product alignment and miscommunication around prioritization.

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Team members joining hands

A case study on transforming 55 globally distributed programs from Waterfall to Agile during Covid

I was hired as a lead Agile coach in a monolithic insurance company that functioned using Waterfall almost exclusively (with the exception of two small pilot teams out of thousands). Our plan to implement Agile required the alignment of business, tech, and delivery in order to achieve agility.

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A Case Study on Building and Aligning a Team of Teams after an Apocalypse

We needed to complete was the reorganization of large component teams into smaller self managing, cross-functional, feature teams. Once we had our cross functional feature teams it became important that they learnt to work with each other.

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