It’s no secret that transformational change is hard or that Agile Transformation is a massive undertaking. The likelihood of Enterprise Agile Transformation failure has been shown to be very high, as more than 70% of all Agile Transformations fail to deliver desired results.

Our knowledge and expertise comes from field tested and proven Agile and Lean implementations of high-performance delivery pipelines, spanning from Next Gen start-ups, to some of the world's largest and most complex global enterprises. Rarely any consulting company covers such wide engagement range. This broad perspective puts us in a unique position to comprehend and merge both worlds; helping large enterprises transform into the high-performance organizations by creating the most optimal end to end delivery pipelines in order to achieve the kind of flexibility and adaptability of a lean start-up.

We partner with you along each step of your transformation journey. Our Integral AQAL service offerings, are delivered by world class talent, practitioners “who have been there.” Our enterprise Agile/Lean transformation consultants, Agile coaches, and trainers, will work with your change leaders and ensure successful and sustainable transformation.

Our Integral Agile AQAL proficiency model consists of a 4 quadrant, 8 level holistic map that will reveal opportunities for systemic improvement. Unlike traditional Agile coaches, we don’t stand to the side and advise the team. We partner on delivery responsibility and play active leadership roles, while at the same time transforming your team or organization into a high-throughput solution delivery machine. Our belief is that the most effective method of teaching and learning is through modeling and observation – how can there be success in a new paradigm through guidance alone without a clear picture of how success looks?